BusWifi Hardware

Best in class routers and antennas

BusWifi Hardware

Ranging from entry-level systems to high-end multi-modem routers. BusWifi has a suitable solution for any bus or coach service.

Network Connections

National and European Sims

Network Connections

BusWifi cooperates with national and international Telecom Networks. Flexible and bespoke packages are offered for both national and European use.

Hotspot Service

Managing connections

Hotspot Service

In order to manage passenger connections, avoid excessive use and give operators more passenger insights and data, the BusWifi Hotspot service best in the market.

Remote Support

Online Support and Maintenance

Remote Support

The BusWifi solution is totally supported online, so there is no need for an engineer to get on the spot.

Customer data

Easy collection of valuable data

Collect more customer data

The BusWifi login can be fully customised following your requirements. Easy collection of user data.

Track & Trace

Find your vehicles and analyse data

Optional Track & Trace capability

When equipped with an GPS antenna, an optional Track & Trace service can be added to the BusWifi package. Less subscriptions, less costs.

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